'From Lead to Gold'

AW24 is a celebration of transformation, symbolism, and the beauty that emerges from the blending of contrasting and diverse elements.

The collection boasts a sophisticated palette of black, faded yellow, lavender, eggplant, earthy tones, cream, and accents of gold. Hues that symbolize the transformative stages from the raw to the refined, reflecting the essence of alchemical transmutation.

The tactile experience is elevated with the choice of opulent materials, including mohair, silks, crushed velvets, cracked leather, and sueded fabrics.

‘From Lead to Gold’ is defined by key pieces such as a handcrocheted Suede Jacket, a standout piece, blending craftmanship and luxury with intricate crochet details, an oversized double-breasted mohair coat that exudes elegance and warmt and symbolizing the culmination of refinement, and fluid silk shirts adorned with a custom print with alchemical symbols, representing the fusion of ancient wisdom with contemporary style.

The wave pattern design featured in one of the knitwear pieces symbolizes the fluidity of transformation and the constant ebb and flow of elements—an homage to both alchemical principles and the rhythm of nature. A meticulously crafted knitted mohair sweatshirt, featuring a stunning degrade effect in earthy tones, serves as a captivating homage to the transformative alchemical journey from lead to gold.

“From Lead to Gold” transcends fashion, inviting wearers to embark on a personal alchemical journey. Each garment narrates a story of transformation, encapsulating the essence of the alchemical process—unveiling the extraordinary from the ordinary.